Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Technology!

Although I do not yet own a cell phone, I have been exploring the wonder of new technology and enjoying it. Last week I spent three hours putting together my first YouTube video slide show. The YouTube video I created represents more than my introduction to movie making technology, but a rediscovery of passions mislaid for too long.

In November my husband and I spent four days exploring Wisconsin. The trip was triggered by a much anticipated job interview my husband received. My husband did not get a job offer from this experience, yet the other gifts we received from this trip were many and memorable. We visited with his college friends, whom he had not seen in almost ten years, dreamed of living on Lake Superior, and enjoyed the expansiveness of the North Woods. It was a wonderful trip and one we had dreamt of making since we started dating in 2001. This trip also gave me the opportunity to dust off my camera and re-experience the joy of photography, which I have loved since I was young. Now, it has given me the opportunity to share that trip through YouTube, with you. I hope you enjoy the show!

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