Friday, July 1, 2016

Patterned Peace: A dream realized

It's funny how things happen ... One Saturday last July I attended an artist fair and my friend Patty, who was bombarded by customers eager to buy her beautiful hand felted creations, had only two seconds to speak to me. She said something like, "Coloring books are all the rage. Your artwork is perfect for it. You should do this." It got me thinking. I had already considered the possibility of creating a coloring book, so this wasn't a brand new idea, but her words got me thinking more seriously about the idea.

The following Thursday, a group of friends attended my art reception at a local restaurant. The next day I received an email from one of those friends, Jack Kosmach, who works for a well established health and wellness publisher, Whole Person Associates, in Duluth. The company was considering publishing a coloring book to add to their already diverse offering in the health and wellness field and he thought  my artwork would be perfect for it. I was thrilled and couldn't believe that within a week of my friend Patty mentioning the idea to me that I was actually approached by a publisher. I said, "Yes!" immediately.

Today, my coloring book is available on I am particularly proud of this effort because it isn't just a coloring book. Every pattern used to create the 40 pieces of hand-drawn artwork in the book are included in a tangle index with information on where to find visual step-by-step directions on-line so coloring enthusiasts, who may want to draw their own patterns to color, can find out how to do that line by line.

I am hopeful that this book, which is so very different from the others I've seen on-line and in almost every store I visit, is well received and loved by those who choose to own it. Over and over and over again I am reminded that all things really are possible.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Since my post on May 13 entitled Spring, Sunshine, and Free Flowers, I've received some lovely photographs of dandelions. Here is one of my favorites from just outside Duluth, MN. Thank you Krista!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Spring, Sunshine, and Free Flowers

As Spring gently settles into the Northland, tiny green leaves sprout from branches, tulips, daffodils, and blue bells add dashes of color to many a still gray day, and the birds sing a cheerful song even when the temperature dips far below what anyone might imagine for this time of year. The local weather forecasts a low of 26 degrees Fahrenheit for Saturday night, May 14, and the possibility of snow flurries for Sunday morning. Brrr!

I admit that I visit my family in Pennsylvania at the end of May to experience Spring in a much more Southern clime where the trees are fully leaved, the entire world smells like flowers, and shorts are actually temperature appropriate for at least some of my two week stay. After enduring winter's lengthy stroll toward Spring's slow unfurling, I'm impatient for consistently warm sunny days that I know are still at least a month away in Duluth, MN, where it doesn't really feel like Summer until July 4 each year.

This Spring has been exceptionally genteel featuring spurts of glorious warmth, stunning blue skies and unending sunshine. Predictably and seasonably, however, the weather returns to days of cloudy gray where a 20-25 mile per hour wind off of chilly Lake Superior is mildly described as breezy.

Since moving here 4 years ago, I've truly come to appreciate the value of seizing the moment where the weather is concerned. I used to take sunshine for granted. No longer. Now when the sun shines I make it a priority to spend time outside soaking in its beautiful warmth and energy while walking along Lake Superior or sitting on my favorite park bench with a good book. And, although some here still fight the juxtaposition of the calendar month and actual real-weather-feel, my full length down coat is there for me regardless of what my mind tells me the temperature ought to be.

Today a short span of sunshine brightened what was otherwise a gray and dismal week and brought a lawn full of Dandelions to my attention. The Dandelion is thought of highly in healing circles for its liver cleansing greens and edible flowers, however, it is much maligned in lawn circles for its tenacity and propensity to overtake any available grassy area.

While I was pondering their bad rep, however, it occurred to me that Dandelions are FREE flowers. You don't have to buy them, you never have to plant them or replant them, and guaranteed they will appear on next year's lawn as well. Dandelions just keep popping up spreading sunshine. And I like sunshine, no matter what the thermometer reads.

Photo courtesy of

Saturday, August 8, 2015

It is a small world after all

I love "small world" stories. I love experiencing them first hand and hearing them from others. I love them because their very existence speaks to a larger, more powerful universal force that connects us all. I believe this universal force is always at play in each of our lives, but at times is more tangible resulting in seemingly impossible connections that form the basis for extraordinary "small world" stories.

My last "small world" story, Miraculous Reunion, was posted August 7, 2014, after I bumped into my dear friend Deepali and her family at the Maritime Museum in Duluth. I hadn't seen her in the 26 years since I left India as a Rotary Exchange Student. Some would say this meeting was merely coincidence.

After experiencing and hearing about similar "small world" happenings, I no longer believe in coincidence. I believe in an invisible source so expansive, loving, and all-knowing that it takes my breath away when I try to wrap my tiny, limited human brain around it. My heart, however, knows that every "small world" happening is the visible manifestation of that larger force making itself known in a gesture of infinite support and extraordinary unconditional love for those who experience and hear about these events from others.

Here is my newest and most extraordinary "small world" happening.

On Thursday night, August 6, I was at the opening reception for my largest-to-date art show at Pizza Luce, a popular, downtown restaurant in Duluth, MN. Toward the end of the evening, I noticed a man sitting in the center booth across from the reception table looking at me from time to time. When his group got up to leave the restaurant he approached me to say he enjoyed my artwork. He also said he was traveling up to the Northern Tier near the Boundary Waters from Texas. I now know that he was referring to the Boy Scouts of America Northern Tier High Adventure Program located outside Ely, MN near the Canadian border and Lake Superior. I mentioned that my sister lives in Texas.

Others from his group joined the conversation. I asked them where they were from in Texas and one of them, Mark Bush, said, Arlington. When I mentioned that my sister owns Jason-Little Road Animal Clinic in Arlington, Mark said, "Dr. Froelich is your sister? My daughter Grace works for her!"

In that extraordinary "small world" moment I felt incredibly loved and supported, as if my sister was right there beside me cheering me on for all I've accomplished, as an artist and a person, despite the miles that separate us. "May you live knowing all things are possible" - Esther Piszczek
(L-R) Jared Bush, Esther Piszczek, Mark Bush at Pizza Luce, 11 E. Superior Street, Duluth, MN, August 6, 2015. In the background, "May you live ..." a collaborative piece with calligrapher Brenna Jordan of

Friday, August 29, 2014

"We need our needs"

When Arianna Huffington, editor in chief of the, collapsed from sleep deprivation after staying up nights working while spending her days touring colleges with her daughter, she hit her head, broke her cheekbone and cut her eye. She wrote for Reader's Digest ("The Dumbest Thing I Ever Did", September 2104), "I wish I could go back and tell my dumb, deluded self, in my thick Greek accent, 'Arianna, your performance will actually improve if you can commit not only to working hard but also to unplugging, recharging, and renewing yourself.'"

My cat Haley has been trying to tell me the same thing for sixteen years. I only began to understand this last night when I was working on an article that had to be completed before I went to bed - no matter what time that turned out to be. Around 10 p.m., Haley came and sat in front of the computer. Typing around her was pointless. She had recently begun scratching her head, creating open wounds, and it was still up for debate whether an allergy or anxiety was the cause. Not knowing, I felt I needed to give her what she desired - a lap, on the couch, not at the computer desk.

I stopped working and we migrated to the couch to enjoy a little silliness with Conan O'Brien. About an hour and twenty minutes later, I returned to the computer. Before I'd stopped working, I was having trouble starting my article. When I returned to the computer, it was 11:20 p.m. I finished writing at 1:20 a.m. Had I brushed Haley off at 10 p.m., it is possible I would have completed my article an hour earlier and it is also possible that I would have spent that hour frustrated, irritated at Haley, and stressed instead of relaxed, warm, and laughing on the couch with my furry companion.

My new friend Therese says, "We need our needs." Until last night, I thought that my need to accomplish things conflicted with Haley's need for lap time. I now realize that our needs are the same.

Thank you, Haley.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

That still, small voice inside

I've spent years ignoring that still, small voice inside of me, rationalizing away its suggestions, and out-and-out despising its niggling presence. Recently, I've been listening more attentively to it. I've noticed that when I follow its suggestions, it keeps me safe, helps me navigate life more seamlessly, and helps me to grow. In practical terms, it reminds me to turn off the stove before leaving home, to remember my keys, and draws me toward opportunities I would have otherwise missed.

One small, yet meaningful example of this happened a few weeks ago. As I was walking in the rose garden near my home, I saw a beautiful white peony and felt drawn to approach it. I was in a park filled with peony and rose bushes. This particular white peony didn't look exceptionally different from its neighbors, and I could not discern any meaningful reason to change my path and walk toward it. In the past, I would have ignored the voice and gone on with my day. In the past, I would have missed what that voice meant for me to find.

When I stood in front of the peony, I looked down and saw a plaque. It contained a poem entitled 'Grateful' and it was then that I knew exactly why I was there.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

NIA 5 STAGES: life changing

NIA 5 Stages is an experiential practice with innumerable, far reaching benefits. Rolling on the floor in embryonic, undulating like a salamander in creeping, crawling like a bear, squatting like a monkey, and walking upright like a human may not sound like a recipe for postural alignment and emotional well-being, but it is. NIA 5 STAGES is the practice of moving through the 5 Stages of human development: embryonic, creeping, crawling, standing, walking. I first started practicing NIA 5 Stages in 2009. Every time I practiced, I felt better: I sat straighter, I breathed more easily, and I slept more deeply. With just 5 minutes of practice each day, I felt my body healing itself, one vertebrae at a time. Over the years, I've come to refer to the 5 Stages as "Nature's Chiropractor," as my back and neck magically and effortlessly realign themselves throughout the day.

As wonderful as it was for NIA 5 Stages to heal MY body, however, it wasn't until I began teaching the 5 Stages to others that I began to understand the true power in this simple practice. Here is Holly's story, in her own words.

NIA magically changed my life in October 2013.

As a former ballet dancer with 16 years of dedicated and disciplined practice I found something special in NIA I have not found in any other practice (yoga, pilates, barre classes). I was in a severe motor vehicle crash 14 years ago in which I sustained a traumatic brain injury and could no longer dance. NIA 5 stages brought a calmness, openness, and a discipline that I had only previously found at the ballet barre. Parts of my body injured in the crash have suffered pain; that pain immediately went away during the first night of NIA. I walked out of class and immediately called my mom in shock and disbelief. I had been walking around in pain for 14 years and in one session of NIA 5 stages it was gone. Prior to my crash, I had perfect posture. After the crash I no longer did. After each NIA 5 Stages class, I walked out straight and tall. Mind you, you must continue to make a devotion and practice to NIA 5 stages in order for it to continually work.

Also, in the past year, I suffered a personal loss and the grief overwhelmed me. My grief was so great that it was sometimes hard to breathe. I felt empty, broken, and hollow. I had cried every single day prior to beginning NIA 5 Stages: for 10 months. The first day I did not cry was the first night I was introduced to NIA 5 Stages. I cannot explain it, and I have never written anything like this before, but I just have to say it because for others suffering from physical or emotional pain, NIA 5 Stages is the answer to your prayers.... At first, I thought it was just by chance, but not true. I was skeptical, for sure. However, by practicing NIA 5 Stages, my heart finally began to heal and no longer felt empty. I left every class, stress-free, pain-free, and with an open and sunny heart. NIA will change your life....give it a try! Holly

Holly took a 4-week NIA 5 Stages class that I taught through Duluth Community Education in November 2013. I am currently teaching the 5 Stages at Yoga Health, 16 1/2 N. 1st Avenue W., Duluth, through August 27 (Wednesdays; 6:30-7:30 p.m.). Watch Kevin illustrate the 5 Stages in the short video, below, and visit to find a class or training near you.