Friday, February 11, 2011

Just Plain Fun!

Happy Friday!! A friend sent me this YouTube video this week and I love it so much I have to share it here. See what you think. It made me both joyful and sad. Joyful because it is so much fun and sad because everyday life could be this fun and, yet, it isn't. And so, I am intending, right now, to seek out ways to have more fun, walking up the stairs, riding the train, going grocery shopping and just living. I will let you know what I discover in the process. And you??


  1. Esther - what a fun video! Thanks for sharing. Have you ever been in Hartfield (the main Atlanta airport)? The walkway between the concourses has all kinds of African sculptures with excellent descriptions on them. I will often walk between the concourses simply because it gives me pleasure to see the sculptures.

    I both agree with your comment that it's sad life isn't more fun. I try to have fun wherever and whenever I can because life is too short to not laugh.

    For example - did you know that Jeep's can talk? They whine very loudly when made to take a bath, even though they itch inappropriately.

    Want to get the dogs wild? Starting laughing and clapping at them and they will run around and entertain us for a good couple of minutes.

    What else. . .strike a conversation with a stranger in an elevator and discover she is from the same area of Michigan's Upper Peninsula that your grandparents have had a second house for over 70 years. That was in Virginia, not Wisconsin.

    Fun is everywhere, but you gotta be careful for the naysayers. . . they are everywhere too.

  2. Here's a link to the sculptures:

  3. Here's another random act of fun (I also linked her back to this):