Monday, January 24, 2011

A Year in Review

Last year on this day I pressed the virtual "Reset" button on my life. As a new decade began I saw it as a wonderful opportunity to throw out the old, embrace the new, and focus on who I am now and who I want to be in the future. It felt so good; free; wonderful. Now, one year has passed and as I approached this birthday I felt a lot of self-induced pressure to wake up on this day with a huge smile of radiant joy enveloping my face as I appreciated my fully organized life, enjoyed the feeling of 100% health, and embraced feeling at complete peace with my place in the world as I walked forth to prosper in my 41st year. That did not happen.

I did, however, wake up. I showed up for another day of becoming more me, more gracefully, beautifully, and simply, and I gave thanks for my imperfect self. Because, really and truly, I am all I have in this world. Last year I asked my then-boss, "What can I do differently?" He replied, "Just keep being you." As I reflected on this past year, I realized that he was right. The more me I become, the more seamless, joyful, and graceful my life becomes and I am continually in awe at the gifts and miracles that occur when I simply let go and be . . . me.

So, on this day of celebration of my becoming in this world, I am grateful that in this past year I have discovered a joy for creative performance, reignited my passion for writing, opened to the vulnerability inherent in sharing myself with others, awakened my love for artistic expression through paper mache, explored my body's capacity to heal itself through movement, and embraced the possibility that all things are possible with faith, trust, and love. Thank you for celebrating with me.

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  1. Happy Birthday sister-friend! Big love from Colorado!