Monday, January 17, 2011

Stories Shared

On Monday, January 10th, I co-hosted a story slam for massmouth, a storytelling non-profit in Boston. The theme was "Your Day In Court." As an appellate and later a trial attorney, I spent many years speaking publicly. A lot of my public speaking involved telling stories, but they were always someone else's story. When I became involved with massmouth, I discovered the freedom, creativity, empowerment, and growth that naturally comes from telling my own story. Sharing in this way, I have begun to view my past experiences not just as something that happened to me, but as something that enriched my life, motivated me to explore new paths, and brought me step by step to this moment, right here, right now. For all of this, I am grateful.

My co-host experience was one more step toward sharing my own story and helping others to share theirs.  My co-host and good friend Tom, who I met as an appellate prosecutor in the Middlesex District Attorney's Office in 1999, is a natural storyteller. He can relate a tale of real life experience like no other person I know. Monday night was no exception. He enchanted the audience with his charm and tickled them with his humorous portrayal of his life and the law. I treasure this time spent with him and am gratified to know that everyone seemed to enjoy his presence as much as I did.

The night was a huge success filled with many amazing story tellers, new and seasoned in the art of sharing orally. Thank you massmouth co-founders Norah Dooley and Andrea Lovett for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to experience this wonderful night of coming together through the power of personal story. Thank you Tom for sharing this night with me and thank you to every person who dives inside, finds their story, and courageously shares it with others. Here are a few stories Tom and I told on January 10th. Enjoy!

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  1. It was an enormous pleasure to be present at your (and Tom's) debut, but not much compares with the pleasure of being let into your life and your mind and heart through this quite inspiring blog.