Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eternal Possibility, Part 1: Story Telling!

Eternal Possibility: to live a life knowing all things are possible and I am eternal.

Living in this way I notice that information that I want or need comes to me without much thought and even less effort. Last year, my boss, co-owner of a small bookstore, wanted me to schedule story telling events  like those held in New York City and featured on National Public Radio. In my research as Event Coordinator, I found that Boston had its own story telling organization called massmouth, inc. (small case intended). I did not contact them.

During my year at JWB, I often had the experience of wanting to know something and very soon thereafter someone would enter the store and provide the information I needed. An act of providence; it was magical. This time was no different.

I was at work late one afternoon when a woman walked in the door and asked to post a flyer about a story telling competition being held the following week. She was from massmouth. I was in awe. I was tasked with bringing story telling to the store; I identified the organization that told stories; they found me. Wow!

Now, the interesting part of the story is that on any other night I would not have been at the store at the time she arrived; and . . . she was in town to make a donation to Good Will, which was next to the book store. She stopped in on a whim. I happened to be there. Providence happened.

We exchanged information, the co-founder called me that same week, and I volunteered at the event. Nine months later, I am co-teaching story telling workshops, assisting at slams in three Boston neighborhoods, and co-hosting my own slam on Monday, January 10th at Kennedy's Midtown, in downtown Boston. The theme: Your Day In Court. Next Monday night my creative story telling life and my former life as an attorney will become one. ALL things are possible!

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  1. Well, now. How delightful. I know this story but this is the first I heard the whole narrative with the juicy details. Such serendipity! Glad it worked out the way it did.