Saturday, January 15, 2011

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Thank you to everyone who is reading this blog! I am loving writing again and sharing my experience has been helpful to me. When I started blogging, I sent a thank you email to a few incredible women who have truly helped me grow as a person over the last few years. One of them, Karly Randolph Pittman, founder of First Ourselves, invited me to guest blog on her site:

I met Karly on-line two years ago when I downloaded her e-book, Overcoming Sugar Addiction: How to Kick Your Sugar Habit and Conquer Food Cravings, Stabilize Your Mood, and Lose Weight, now in its second edition. Karly's story is truly inspiring and she has dedicated herself to helping others live healthier and more joyful lives by overcoming sugar addiction, weight gain and body image issues, and overeating. I am honored by the opportunity to guest blog on her site and grateful to her for sharing so much of herself to help me, as well as others. Here is my guest blog post: (Click on "Guest Author" to read the entire post). Feel free to share it with others.

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