Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Fantasia!

Matrix Energetics moves in my life in surprising ways. My friend E just returned from a trip to India. I have been talking to her about my Matrix Energetics journey and, interested, she picked up a copy of Richard Bartlett's first book, Matrix Energetics. She has not read it, yet. She did carry it with her to India, however. While there she was invited by her mother-in-law to attend a seminar lead by a homeopath. The homeopath happens to be a Matrix Energetics practitioner who gave a demonstration of ME during the seminar. That is how ME works, in the background, connecting and awakening me and others to new insights and possibilities in their lives. May reading this blog post bring the magic of Matrix into your life, as well.
Here is a video slideshow created by Svetlana Pritzker, a ME practitioner in Chicago. I found Svetlana's ME inspired paintings truly beautiful and filled with positive energy. Enjoy!

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