Thursday, August 21, 2014

That still, small voice inside

I've spent years ignoring that still, small voice inside of me, rationalizing away its suggestions, and out-and-out despising its niggling presence. Recently, I've been listening more attentively to it. I've noticed that when I follow its suggestions, it keeps me safe, helps me navigate life more seamlessly, and helps me to grow. In practical terms, it reminds me to turn off the stove before leaving home, to remember my keys, and draws me toward opportunities I would have otherwise missed.

One small, yet meaningful example of this happened a few weeks ago. As I was walking in the rose garden near my home, I saw a beautiful white peony and felt drawn to approach it. I was in a park filled with peony and rose bushes. This particular white peony didn't look exceptionally different from its neighbors, and I could not discern any meaningful reason to change my path and walk toward it. In the past, I would have ignored the voice and gone on with my day. In the past, I would have missed what that voice meant for me to find.

When I stood in front of the peony, I looked down and saw a plaque. It contained a poem entitled 'Grateful' and it was then that I knew exactly why I was there.

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