Wednesday, August 13, 2014

NIA 5 STAGES: life changing

NIA 5 Stages is an experiential practice with innumerable, far reaching benefits. Rolling on the floor in embryonic, undulating like a salamander in creeping, crawling like a bear, squatting like a monkey, and walking upright like a human may not sound like a recipe for postural alignment and emotional well-being, but it is. NIA 5 STAGES is the practice of moving through the 5 Stages of human development: embryonic, creeping, crawling, standing, walking. I first started practicing NIA 5 Stages in 2009. Every time I practiced, I felt better: I sat straighter, I breathed more easily, and I slept more deeply. With just 5 minutes of practice each day, I felt my body healing itself, one vertebrae at a time. Over the years, I've come to refer to the 5 Stages as "Nature's Chiropractor," as my back and neck magically and effortlessly realign themselves throughout the day.

As wonderful as it was for NIA 5 Stages to heal MY body, however, it wasn't until I began teaching the 5 Stages to others that I began to understand the true power in this simple practice. Here is Holly's story, in her own words.

NIA magically changed my life in October 2013.

As a former ballet dancer with 16 years of dedicated and disciplined practice I found something special in NIA I have not found in any other practice (yoga, pilates, barre classes). I was in a severe motor vehicle crash 14 years ago in which I sustained a traumatic brain injury and could no longer dance. NIA 5 stages brought a calmness, openness, and a discipline that I had only previously found at the ballet barre. Parts of my body injured in the crash have suffered pain; that pain immediately went away during the first night of NIA. I walked out of class and immediately called my mom in shock and disbelief. I had been walking around in pain for 14 years and in one session of NIA 5 stages it was gone. Prior to my crash, I had perfect posture. After the crash I no longer did. After each NIA 5 Stages class, I walked out straight and tall. Mind you, you must continue to make a devotion and practice to NIA 5 stages in order for it to continually work.

Also, in the past year, I suffered a personal loss and the grief overwhelmed me. My grief was so great that it was sometimes hard to breathe. I felt empty, broken, and hollow. I had cried every single day prior to beginning NIA 5 Stages: for 10 months. The first day I did not cry was the first night I was introduced to NIA 5 Stages. I cannot explain it, and I have never written anything like this before, but I just have to say it because for others suffering from physical or emotional pain, NIA 5 Stages is the answer to your prayers.... At first, I thought it was just by chance, but not true. I was skeptical, for sure. However, by practicing NIA 5 Stages, my heart finally began to heal and no longer felt empty. I left every class, stress-free, pain-free, and with an open and sunny heart. NIA will change your life....give it a try! Holly

Holly took a 4-week NIA 5 Stages class that I taught through Duluth Community Education in November 2013. I am currently teaching the 5 Stages at Yoga Health, 16 1/2 N. 1st Avenue W., Duluth, through August 27 (Wednesdays; 6:30-7:30 p.m.). Watch Kevin illustrate the 5 Stages in the short video, below, and visit to find a class or training near you.


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