Tuesday, December 14, 2010


A friend recently showed me this little trick. Hold out your hand and ask yourself a question, such as, "Do I want to go for a walk?", and then flick your middle (second) finger over your index (first) finger. If the middle finger lands strongly and connects with your index finger the answer is "yes". If the middle finger bypasses the index finger, your answer to the question is "no." This is a handy little exercise to find out what your right brain thinks about any question. The right brain, or artistic side, has no verbal language, so it communicates through your body. In theory, using this little trick, one can make an informed decision on any issue because the right brain, the body, has been consulted and it is one's body that truly knows what is right for it. In theory.

In using this little test, I have discovered that I do not trust my left thinking brain not to override my right body brain's choice and manipulate the result to get the answer my left brain has decided is what I desire. In essence, I think I lie, to myself, often. Wow. So I woke up this morning and realized that if I don't trust myself and I am all I truly have in this world, then where does that leave me??? In a pretty sad and lonely state, I'd say.

I have found throughout my life that I show up and achieve things in life much more fluidly if someone expects something of me. My realization this morning that I don't trust myself has confirmed that I am not a reliable source of expectation. But you are. No worries, you don't have anything to do, just show up, as you are, here, with me. That is all I ask. The Universe will handle the rest.

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