Friday, February 8, 2013

Beautiful and Amazing Lake Superior

I LOVE this Lake! It is ever-changing, powerful, and beautiful and I can't seem to get enough of it. End March will be our one year anniversary here in Duluth. We moved from Gladstone, Michigan on Lake Michigan's Little Bay de Noc in March 2012. Little Bay de Noc froze over providing much habitat for excited fisherman. Here is a photo of the ice shacks on Little Bay de Noc toward the end of the season, March 2012, when the ice was already melting.

Ice fisherman shacks on Little Bay de Noc, Gladstone, MI, March 2012.
When we moved to Duluth, I couldn't imagine this portion of Lake Superior freezing solid because the wave action is so consistent and the lake area is much larger than on the bay in Michigan. Although the lake hasn't frozen solid, I am continually amazed that it freezes and thaws and freezes sometimes all within a 24 hour period. Yesterday, I took these two photos of Lake Superior when the waves were strong and the water was churned up with sediment turning it a chocolaty brown.
An incoming wave on Lake Superior, Duluth, MN, Feb. 7, 2013 . . .

Today, the Lake is white with chunked ice and so beautiful. Gently rolling waves undulate the surface ice in a mesmerizing rhythm that made me question just what I was seeing. This photo is of the same rocks as shown above, one day later.

Frozen beauty. Lake Superior, Duluth, MN, Feb. 8, 2013.
 The lake's ever-changing face reminds me that nothing stays the same for long and life's gift is to notice every moment before it changes and flees forever.

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